Formed in 2016 by a group of residents, Love Braunton’s purpose is to promote and improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Braunton Neighbourhood which includes the development, implementation and maintenance of a Braunton Neighbourhood Plan.

Our vision is that of a community developing in line with the aspirations and wishes of its residents resulting in greater economic, social and environmental wellbeing for all.

We engage with other groups across the whole of Braunton, the adjacent parishes and work with Braunton Parish Council in the development and completion of the Neighbourhood Plan – a key policy document that Braunton Parish needs, so as to ensure that development of our neighbourhood is as the residents want and not just imposed by the Local Plan and opportunistic developers.

Specific activities our team undertakes are:

•         Monitoring local Planning Applications – responding to applications that have both positive and negative implications for our neighbourhood

•         Active participation in the implementation of the Braunton Parish Council Neighbourhood Plan

•         Air Quality Campaign – use of data to inform / challenge Council Officials in respect of their progress to implement air quality improvement actions

•         Working with other local organisations on joint campaigns – Croyde Area Residents Association, Yelland Action Group, Taw/Torridge Forum, Live Well in Braunton and Braunton Parish Council.

•         Fundraising – for campaigns such as Wildflower planting, plants for the Village Green, tree planting and maintenance of the air quality monitor system.

•         Community events – e.g. Stall at Village Fair, Annual Quiz

Our membership continues to grow, and we greatly appreciate the support residents give Love Braunton.