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White Cross Off Shore Wind Farm – Oct 23


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Planning Application 77576 for on-shore cabling, Consultation ended 3rd November ’23.

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Presentation given at public meeting 12th October ’23:


The application was considered by Braunton Parich Council at their Full Council Meeting on Tuesday 24th October and was rejected.



September ’23

Braunton Neighbourhood Plan Update

The Referendum was held on 7th September 2023 and voted in with 1,042 Yes votes – see: for all the details

Proposed On Street Parking Scheme for Exeter Road, Braunton

Update July ’23

Love Braunton submitted a letter to Meg Booth DCC  Director of Climate Change, Environment and Transport on 22nd June in respect of the proposal for on street parking in Braunton. We have now received this reply from DCC Highways.  We would be interested in hearing your views before we respond further.

Please send your comments to us

At the Parish Council meeting held 13th June 2023, it was reported by our Devon County Councillor that Braunton is one of nine areas across Devon to have a parking scheme imposed upon it.

Devon County Council (DCC) proposal will see parking charges introduced along the Exeter Road. The first 30 minutes would be free and then the first hour would be at a low rate. Subsequent hours would be a higher tariff to encourage drivers to use the car parks for long stay. DCC state that the “proposal would encourage a high turnover of cars and therefore footfall to the shops. Any revenue generated would be used to subsidise the Braunton Bus services and also to contribute towards the cyclical grass cutting. Payment by cash, card or the parking app Ringo (without charges) would apply.”

It is not clear which bus service is being referred to and the cost of cutting verges is in the main covered by the Parish Council, although DCC make a contribution of £4.3k pa in respect of cutting highway splay verges.

We understand that the Parish Council wants to take up an offer for their representative to meet with the DCC Councillor and a DCC representative to discuss the scheme.

From searches of DCC website it has been established that the review of parking management (including pay & display) in key communities was reported upon and recommendation of the scheme being implemented made to DCC Cabinet on 9th November 2022 – see links below (Item 238).

Prior to that report officers discussed proposals with Scrutiny Commissioning Liaison Members, those discussions were reported to Scrutiny on 22nd September 2022 (Item 72).

At no time since September 2022 has there been any discussions or consultations with Parish representatives, businesses in the village or residents on proposals that are likely to have an impact.

There is a lack of detail in respect of the proposal for Braunton – why there was no public consultation, where and when the meters will be installed, cost to implement and manage scheme, revenue generated and how surplus will be apportioned between the subsidised bus service and Parish Council, and what consideration has been given to the potential impact upon businesses within the village.

LB will be raising these points with DCC’s Meg Booth – Director of Climate Change Environment and Transport, who made the recommendations to DCC and our County Councillor.

Residents may also wish to ask questions about the scheme so suggested contact details are given below:

Meg Booth

Pru Maskell

Braunton Parish Council